Welcome to Goddess Delivers!

Overnight Delivery of Medical Marijuana Throughout California!
Goddess Delivers will be closed Monday, September 7th (Labor Day). Orders placed over the weekend may be delayed, so order soon to make sure you have medication for Labor Day Weekend!
There's some new girls in town and they are strutting their stuff!  If you like high CBD's, check out the new Valentine XXX and Harlequin, they are very potent and have high ratios.  
For an amazing Sativa, the new batch of Super Lemon Haze is quite frankly smelling and tasting like one of the best we've seen. If you need some indica mixed in with your sativa, don't miss the hybrid Platinum Girl Scout Cookies and Dutch Crunch.
We have a new chocolate edible, Obsession, that is tasty and strong in multiple flavors from spicy Aztec Milk Chocolate to Meyer Lemon Milk Chocolate.
We have two new high strength e-liquid cartridges available: 40% THC tangerine e-liquid and 2:1 CBD e-liquid. Our official testing patio has a permanent haze of smokeless clouds since these options arrived! 
PhoDub Extracts just released a series of very high end shatter. Pure and clean as always with a pungent aroma, this top shelf concentrate is a piece of art!
ALL 1/8's are weighed at 4 grams! (1/2 a gram free!) New patients receive a free gift with their order! Mention in your order comments that this is your first order!

Super Lemon Haze (Sativa)
Cookie Monster (Hybrid)
Ganja Goddess Gingerbread
Top Shelf Sampler
Blue Dream (Sativa)
Yoda Kush (Indica)
Ganja Goddess Brownie
Jack The Ripper (Hybrid)
Kiva Chocolate Bars