Overnight Delivery of Medical Marijuana Throughout California!
We have three new hybrids that should leave any connoisseur impressed. Lady Killer and Tahoe Buddha are well balanced and exquisite, and Gorilla Glue #4 is the hot new strain in NorCal after a Cannabis Cup win last year.
Give a warm welcome to the HempCon Cup winner Jane's Brew. Focusing on cannabis infused hot beverages, Jane's Brew includes coffee and tea packets as well as prefilled K-Cups!
All flower at reduced prices! We've been working to make all our bud more affordable for our patients, and we're pretty sure you will appreciate the NEW better deal on all of our strains. Gram prices have dropped significantly to make it easier to sample new strains, but across the board we've tried to make everything significantly more affordable!  We really care about you and want to make your life easier when we can!!!!
Magic Beans is a fantastic new OG variety that will take you on a trip into the clouds without all the man-eating giants.
Looking for a deal? We have B bud Headband and untrimmed nugs of Farmer John's Dream.
ALL 1/8's are weighed at 4 grams! (1/2 a gram free!) New patients receive a free gift with their order! Mention in your order comments that this is your first order!

San Fernando Valley OG (Hybrid)
Headband OG Shatter
Top Shelf Sampler
Blue Dream (Sativa)
Yoda Kush (Indica)
Ganja Goddess Gingerbread
Dream Queen Outdoor Special (Sativa)
Ganja Goddess Brownie
Jack The Ripper (Hybrid)
Kiva Chocolate Bars